a penthouse coworking space
+ unlimited coffee in district 7



For those who love fresh & peace of Phu My Hung, District 7, Sai Gon

Located in the penthouse of newly Lux Garden apartment of District 7, nearly the Sai Gon river with a fantastic view of Phu My Bridge, when coming to Work From Home, this cozy and modern co-working space will make you feel like home but still keep your focus to accomplish all your projects.

The co-working space is on the 25th floor with 135 square meters, including 3 main areas: private space for private fixed desk, common space for fixed and flexible desk, and a wide-green balcony for outside activities to not only meet all your needs but explore new ideas when working as freelancers. This space also has a fresh and fantastic view from Sai Gon river with natural light, wind, and air in all the time of the day.

Hey Creator & Thinker, you guys would be part of Work From Home!

At Work From Home, we aim to build the team of freelancers who currently work in some tech and creativity industry, so we can support each other to grow up uP UP.






Content Writer




Digital Marketer


Biz Coach

Hmm we know there are ton of places for you
Then why Work From Home?


SHUT UP & DO IT A silent Co-working space that can raise your focus to achieve all your freelancer projects.

RESTRICT Quality not Quantity, so be comfortable that you can find other members having working styles just like yours.

INSPIRED FROM HOME Get inspired from various home corner from inside to outside in all the time of the day to explore your new genius ideas.

UNLIMITED ORGANIC COFFEE “100% hand-made traditional phin” instead of “normal auto coffee machine”, that what make Work From Home coffee.

MAMA LUNCH Enjoy the good various traditional meal from Vietnamese Mum day-by-day after the hard working time.

PLAY JUST LIKE WORK Work by your own, Drink Beer with your friends to share shit things when you are at home.

Okay, here are some options...lets pick up the best suit

Working Hour: Mon - Sat (8AM - 8PM)
High Speed Internet
Unlimited Phin Coffee & Home Tea

3,800,000 vnd

Private Fixed Desk A fixed desk with locker in the Private Room, the best fit for freelancers demand the permanent seat with 100% focus space.

3,500,000 vnd

Fixed Desk A fixed desk with locker in the Public Room, the best fit for freelancers who demand a permanent seat in the dynamic and friendly space.

3,000,000 vnd
24 days within 2 months

FLEXIBLE Desk Any available desk without locker in both Private/Public Room, the best fit for on/off freelancers who demand flexibility & freedom.

*15% discount for 6 months payment & 10% discount for 3 months payment.